X-Brake caliber .223 Rem. / 5.45x39

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X-Brake muzzle brake in caliber .223 Rem. / 5.45x39

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100% Made in Germany!

Delivery incl. Crushwasher for assembly!

Be Aware! ITAR Item!

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Our X-Brake is the all-rounder in the range!

In contrast to the Hexagon Brake, the X-Brake has no rear-angled impact surfaces, which does not noticeably affect its effectiveness. Its strengths are high effectiveness with reduced noise pollution for the shooter compared to the Hexagon Brake. The X-Brake is also suitable for IPSC and does not spoil its performance here either!

How does the brake work?: The two chambers create impact surfaces on which the gases flowing out after the shot act and generate a counterforce that counteracts the recoil.

Thanks to the steel used and the subsequent surface treatment, the brakes are extremely resistant to corrosion and damage.

Technical specifications:

Length: 60mm

Wrench size: 22 mm

Barrel diameter: 18 mm

Weight: approx. 80 grams