Magnum Muzzle Brake .308Win./.300WM

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Magnum muzzle brake in .30 / 7.62 mm caliber

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Our Magnum Brake, the best solution to tame your Magnum caliber rifle!

The Magnum Brake is extremely effective with both Magnum and standard calibers thanks to the very large baffle surfaces angled backwards! Calibers such as .338LM, .300WinMag, 8x57 shoot smoothly with the brake.

How does the brake work?: The two chambers create impact surfaces on which the gases flowing out after the shot act and generate a counterforce that counteracts the recoil.

Why do the angled impact surfaces increase the efficiency of the brake?: By redirecting the gases to the rear, in addition to the forward force that the shot gases generate on the impact surfaces, thrust is generated that counteracts the recoil.

Made of high-alloy heat-treated steel to withstand the elemental forces of the Magnum caliber.

Due to the steel used and the subsequent surface treatment, the brakes are extremely resistant to corrosion and damage.

Technical specifications:

Length: 55mm

Diameter: 28 mm

Wrench size: 25 mm

Barrel diameter: 21 mm

Weight: approx. 100 grams